Pluto has been studied!

Pluto has been studied properly!

I must say there are a lot of geographical features!

Here are some links!


I am now back… Again…

Hi! I am back!
Wow! It has been very long eh?

A lot of things have been happening in those days of absence…
For example. I am now Grade 6 and I got my own personal computer! Also my mom went to Vietnam to be a substitute teacher and she is now back!

Here are other things that have and are happening!
I am interested in MLG or Major League Gaming Vids and I am playing Roblox and I usually play first person shooters, especially Phantom Forces! I think you should let your kids play it!

Have you heard about Funko Pops? We have been collecting them! Here’s a link about them!

I now have a phone but it is very old and laggy! But fear not myself! My mom is going to give me a better phone!
Also my mom is now teaching me how to code in HTML!

That’s all folks!